About Top Eagle


Heshan Top Eagle Garment Ltd. was established in 2001 and has its headquarters in Heshan, China. The company is a innovative manufacturer of top-quality functional sports and leisurewear for women, men and children.

Fully compliant in respect of social, safety and technical requirements, our employees are provided with excellent living and working conditions. The company wants to retain jobs in the local economy and therefore solely operates production facilities in China.


We are equipped with the latest technical machines of leading brands in the market. We continuously invest in training of new technologies and techniques to our employees in order to implement them into our production process. This allows us to achieve qualified workers, high quality standards and offer a competitive service to our customers.


Combining our know-how, our experience and the passion for what we are doing, we are proud to offer only the best quality to our customers.



We are proud of our success over the last 17 years to provide stable jobs in Heshan, despite the difficulties the textile industry has faced for all export markets.

It is our duty to make valued workers and involve people in the work process while focusing on products that are marketable. Our dedicated employees share the common goal of successfully developing high quality products. We train young apprentices in production, administration and sales, most of which have worked themselves up in our company in various management positions.


It is our top priority to look after the interests of all workers in our company and to protect our jobs for the future.